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UFO   Space   Visitors

  To   Earth   240220

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wrap text around imageExtraterrestrials (ET) have altered the Earth and its Human inhabitants for thousands of years.

Archeological discoveries found in remote areas dating back thousands of years have little actual known history. One example are the The Nazca Lines in a mountainous Peruvian desert created between 200 BCE and AD 600 believed engineered by Extraterrestrials ET and using a labor force of local Earth Humans. Those Nazca Lines are only totally visible and understandable by viewing from above at an altitude of several hundred feet. The giant geoglyphs designs made carved into the Peruvian desert include giant spirals and a spider. Perfectly straight lines that stretch for kilometers across the desert have been compared airport runways.

ETs with greater intelligence and technical knowledge than native Earth Humans are believed involved the creation of numerous world sites. During thousands of years of Earth history, sources believe at various times many ET races traveled through space to explore, search for minerals and generally assist Earth Humans to develope. Among them were Arcturians,  Anunaki,  Pleidians,   Martians,   Greys,  Reptilians,  Dwarfs   and   Antarcticans. Some names are derived from their solar system locations such as the Arcturians from the Episilon Bootes constellation's star Arcturus and the Pleidians from the seven-star Pleiades cluster.

The probability of ET visits to Earth extending back thousands of years worldwide have been documented in cave drawings and other artifacts.

For any living Beings, exposure to the deep space environment required physical adaptation over many generations. Living Beings from different planets evolved differntly from each other. As they attempted to travel in space, their technologies developed and today Earth Humans are witnessing those capabilities and attwempting to copy them.

Based on current Earth scientific and engineering thinking, travel from Earth to Mars, a distance of about 225 million kilometers, and return to Earth would take about two years. There are many proposals for improved rocket engine techologies that would reduce travewl time but are not yet proven. Meantime, ET space craft have proven to be significantly faster than any existing Human designed jet aircraft or rocket engine space craft.

Still unknown by Humans are the propulsion system deaigns of ET space craft, what planet they originte from and the length of time they are enroute to reach Earth.


wormholeart The Laws of Physics have long directed scientific limits until new breakthroughs change the laws. Black Holes were one. Wormholes are another interesting still developing concept at this level of Earth science.      What if the ETs made the Wormhole breakthrough that opened the universe to them thousands of years ago?

On Earth, physicists Albert Einstein and Nathan Rosen studied Black Holes and created the Wormhole theory.   "The kinds of Wormhole-creating processes that scientists had studied rely on effects that could prevent a macroscopic traveler from entering. The challenge is that the process that creates the Wormhole and the exotic matter that stabilizes it cannot stray too far from familiar physics. That does not mean physicists can dream up any sort of stuff that gets the job done on paper. But so far, familiar physics has delivered only microscopic Wormholes. A bigger Wormhole seems to require a process or type of matter that is both unusual and believable." . . ."A breakthrough occurred in late 2017, when physicists Ping Gao and Daniel Jafferis, both then at Harvard University, and Aron Wall, then at the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton, N.J., discovered a way to prop open wormholes with quantum entanglement a kind of long-distance connection between quantum entities."    Quote Credit: Brendan Z. Foster, Scientificamerican.com



The ETs who visited Earth aboard their Interstellar space craft used technologies that are not completely understood by Humans today. Since the 1936 ET flying saucer crash in the Black Forest of Germany, Humans have tried to reverse engineer any crashed UFO space craft apparently with limited success. In the last 50 years, the ETs have significantly increased interactions with Humans including UFO flyovers over world cities demonstrating their superior technologies.

"We're dealing with technologies that are multigenerational. That is several generations ahead of what we consider beyond next generation technology. Something that could be anywhere between 50 to 1,000 years ahead of us," said Luis Elizondo, former director for AATIP (U.S. Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program).

ET existing Interplanetary Space craft have demonstrated the ability "to fly not only in our atmosphere, low and high altitudes, but also potentially in a vacuum environment like space and even underwater.... We are seeing objects that can operate in all these domains or all these environments, seemingly without any type of performance compromise We've seen these things," said Elizondo.   USO - Underwater Submersible Objects are an important area of attention by naval planners and ship operators.

"If we establish the working hypothesis that the UFOs are machines, we also have to assume the following: They are not built by human beings. They are flying by means of artificial fields of gravity. They produce high-tension electric charges in order to push the air out of their paths, so it does not start glowing, and strong magnetic fields to influence the ionized air at higher altitudes." He recognized the reality that man's technology levels were far below the technologies of non-Human Beings and their UFOs. "We cannot yet produce machines that fly the same as UFOs do. They are flying by means of artificial fields of Gravity. This would explain the sudden changes of directions," explained propulsion scientist Hermann Oberth, whose long experience included working on German V2 Rockets and American Saturn rocketry.

The abilities of the NonHuman Interplanetary space craft operators to control encounters is well documented. navyufo In one 2014 incident over the Atlantic Ocean, A US Navy pilot reported, "An object accelerating to hypersonic speed, making sudden stops and instantaneous turns. It was something beyond the physical limits of a human crew. He and his wingman had been flying in tandem about 100 feet apart over the Atlantic Ocean east of Virginia Beach when something flew between them, right past the cockpit. It looked Ike a sphere encasing a cube. The object was accelerating to hypersonic speed, making sudden stops and instantaneous turns. It was something beyond the physical limits of a human crew."

In 1957, two US Air Force F-86D fighter jets hastily took off with orders to shoot down an aircraft carrier-sized UFO detected by ground based radar at an Initial Point of about 32,000 feetover East Anglia, England. One of the pilots prepared to execute the order to "fire a full salvo of rockets" at the large cylindrical UFO. The F-86D carried 24 rockets. "The UFO was moving at no less than Mach 10 (over 7,000 miles per hour) and "made a right turn almost on a dime and it disappeared. It was some kind of alien space craft. It was so fast, it was so incredible it was absolutely death-defying."



A large cylindrical object is shown in the video going down into the 450 meter deep crater of Popocatepetl. To the Aztec, Popocatepetl meant smoking mountain. Popocatepetl is 5,426 meters high and located 70 kilometers from Mexico City, Mexico. It has been in a state of activity since 1994 after 50 years of dormancy. At least three previous major volcano cones were destroyed before the present one was created. Those major eruptions resulted in pyroclastic flows and debris-avalanche deposits that cover large areas around the volcano. This area of the crust of the Earth has been naturally very active since the Pleistocene era.

The commentator of the YouTube video Arcturian Ship explained,:"These type of crafts are Arcturian ships. The Arcturians are a very advanced ET race actively involved in stabilizing the crust of the Earth saving us from many earthquakes and Tsunami. At least up until now."


Searching for life "out there" in Interstellar space is a continuing Earth process of sending electrical messages using radio based technologies and importantly listening by Earth Humans for electrical messages possibly being directed to the Earth. The SETI Institute Carl Sagan Center for Research is the center of U.S. research in this field. SETI these days relies on radio telescopes massive antennas outfitted with highly sensitive and specialized receivers. The idea is simple: Signals are beamed via radio (or light). Radio is still an efficient tool to send information over the incredible distances between the stars. It easily passes through the dust and gas that suffuse space, and it does so at the speed of light.


125 years ago, tools were very basic but the goal to find life in space may have discovered radio signals from a source 37 light years from earth and a satellite in an earth orbit.

In the late 1800, some scientists believed that ETs from somewhere in the universe could be using radio signals directed to the Earth. Nikola Tesla was one of the radio wave pioneers and during experiments in 1899 he detected radio signals from a polar direction. Those radio signals were never explained but remained of interest. During the 1920s and 1930s and astronomers worldwide increasingly reported unexplained radio signals from the polar region. World War 2 halted research. In 1953, a researcher at the University of New Mexico observed a space object that seemed to be a polar radio signals source. The object was named the Black Knight. It had been in a polar orbit long before any man large made objects had been sent into space.

wrap text around imageDuring those years, another possible source was considered. The Episilon Bootes constellation includes five known stars and several planets. It is one of the largest constellations in the Northern Hemisphere. The Episilon Bootes constellation was named in the 2nd Century by the Greek astronomer Ptolemy. The constellation contains the star Arcturus which is the third brightest star in the night sky and easily visible to the naked eye. When looking at the Big Dipper follow the path of the Dipper handle and it points to Arcturus. Arcturus is 37 Light Years from Earth.

Theories about the two possible sources gradually merged into one. According to some researchers, the satellite known as the Black Knight in its polar orbit may have been observing earthly activities for hundreds of years. It is believed by some that the   Arcturians   from the Episilon Bootes constellation controlled the satellite as part of their mission to protect Planet Earth.

According to the USSR government, when they launched Sputnik 1 and Sputnik 2 in 1957 they believed the Black Knight was monitoring them. In 1960, a Grumman Aircraft Corporation project for the U.S. government resulted in photos of the Black Knight. but they were classified Secret and never made public. Calculations by astronomers and scientists determined the satellite weighed about 10 tons which was more weight than either the U.S. or the USSR could launch into polar orbit at that time.


"The surest sign that intelligent life exists

elsewhere in the universe

is that it has never tried to contact us."

Hubert Czerepok     Artist   - Historian