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UFO   Space   Visitors

  To   Earth

by Richard O. Aichele


Space Visitors To Earth UFO Space Visitors To Earth UFO Space Visitors To Earth

Extraterrestrial Beings traveling aboard their Spacecraft have explored the Earth over thousands of years. Their spacecraft technologies "could be anywhere between 50 to 1,000 years ahead of us." Earth-Human scientific space efforts gained knowledge by reverse engineering crashed  non-Human spacecraft.    Also, according to one scientist,   "We have been helped by the people of other worlds."



-1-    UFO Spacecraft Technologies Realities

-2-    Reported UFO - UAP Encounters

-3-    Finding Planets Capable of Supporting Life

-4-    Extraterrestrial Contacts

-5-    Alien Activities


  -1-    UFO    Spacecraft    Technologies       Realities

An incident in 2014 when US Navy jet fighters encountered this non-Human UFO over the Atlantic Ocean. It became an unexpected demonstation of superior UFO technologies producing incredible speeds and maneuverability.


"We are quite convinced that we're dealing with technologies that are multigenerational. That is several generations ahead of what we consider beyond next generation technology.   Something that could be anywhere between 50 to 1,000 years ahead of us. I think when you're looking at and observeing these things, how they can outperform, frankly, anything that we have in our inventory and we're pretty certain anything that our foreign adversaries have in their inventory," said Luis Elizondo, former director for AATIP ( U.S. Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program) during an interview published in the Washington Post.

The first is hypersonic velocity. The ability to change directions instantly. And when I say instantly, I mean human beings can withstand about 9 g forces or some of our best aircraft can withstand about 16 Gs. These things are doing 3-, 4-, 600 Gs in midflight. Then there's ... speeds that by definition are Mach 5 or above, very, very fast. We do have some technology... there are technologies that can go that fast, but then again, you don't expect a hypersonic aircraft to do a 90-degree turn. To put that into context, our SR-71 Blackbird when at 3,200 miles an hour wants to take a right-hand turn, it takes roughly half the state of Ohio to do it. You don't expect it to just kind of do this. And that's precisely what we're seeing.

[Another] observable is what we were talking about, and that is trans medium travel and water. The ability for an object to fly not only in our atmosphere, low and high altitudes, but also potentially in a vacuum environment like space and even underwater.... we are seeing objects that can operate in all these domains or all these environments, seemingly without any type of performance compromise.

Why are we seeing these things around--in and around water? It is something that we're really kind of scratching our heads about because we've seen these things. They've been recorded not only in our atmosphere but there's data to suggest that they've also been tracked by some of our capabilities underwater as well and being able to perform in ways that frankly exceed anything that we know on the planet right now."

Source: https://www.washingtonpost.com/washington-post-live/2021/06/08


Evolution   of   Earth-Human's   Space   Technologies

The concept of rockets for space travel had Earth-Humans attention as far back as 1865 when Jules Verne wrote  From Earth to the Moon.   According to NASA , one of the earliest propulsion scientists was Hermann Oberth (1894-1989) in Germany who, at the age of 14, "first proposed the concept of liquid-fueled long-range missiles. That was followed by his feasibility studies of a multi-stage rocket with sections cast off as they became unnecessary." In 1922, while studying mathematics and physics at the University of Heidelberg, Oberth's predicted that, "Rockets... can be built so powerfully that they could be capable of carrying a man aloft."

During the 1920s and 1930s, world scientists had actively explored reports of non-Human flying machines, UFOs, that were observed around the world. Hermann Oberth believed in the existence of UFOs, interstellar intelligence, non-Human Beings and that:

"If we establish the working hypothesis that the UFOs are machines, we also have to assume the following:

They are not built by human beings.

They are flying by means of artificial fields of gravity.

They produce high-tension electric charges in order to push the air out of their paths, so it does not start glowing, and strong magnetic fields to influence the ionized air at higher altitudes." He recognized the reality that man's technology levels were far below the technologies of non-Human Beings and their UFOs. "We cannot yet produce machines that fly the same as UFOs do. They are flying by means of artificial fields of Gravity. This would explain the sudden changes of directions."


Reverse Engineering    &    Knowledge Transfers

During the late 1930s, aeronautics and rocketry technologies expanded primarily for future military applications. Germany had undertaken secret flying saucer, jet aircraft and rocket programs that led to the V-1 and V-2 rockets.

The 1936 UFO crash of a non-Human flying saucer occurred in Germany's Black Forest region near Freiburg, Germany. All remains were immediately removed by the German government for studies and evaluation. It was an opportunity for reverse-engineering and possibly for a significant transfer of knowledge of Extraterrestrial technologies to Earth Humans. It also coincided with previously ongoing German developments of saucer type machines, vertical take-off machines and large rockets.

That German reverse engineering of the 1936 Flying Saucer Machine may have been combined with ongoing experiments that led to Germany's flying saucer designs including the Haunebu prototype.

wrap text around image Artist's rendering of the Freiburg Disc and this information was reported in thinkaboutitdocs.com: "It was said to have been smaller than the Hauen I   with a domed top and bottom, but no dimensions are given. Many have claimed, however, that the SS took the same basic configuration for their Haunebu series. German aircraft historian Henry Stevens said: "Haunebu I was supposedly the first large flying saucer developed in Germany. According to plans allegedly obtained from classified German SS files, the Haunebu I was approx imately seventy-five feet in diameter and probably lifted off for the first time in August 1939, a few weeks before the outbreak of World War II."   Source: https://www.thinkaboutitdocs.com/1936-black-forest-germany-ufo-crash/

A number of Flying Saucer Machines test prototype versions were bult between 1939 and 1945 testing aerodynamic, anti-gravity and propulsion concepts. One example: "A disk developed by Rudolf Schriever and Klaus Habermohl which consisted of a ring of moving turbine blades around a fixed cockpit. Klein claimed that he had witnessed this craft's first manned flight on 14 February 1945, when it managed to climb to 12,400 meters (40,700 ft) in 3 minutes and attained a speed of 2,200 km/h (1,400 mph) in level flight." according to www.crystalinks.com/ haunebunaziuofs1936.html

Operation Paperclip

The major transfer of Human to Human space and rocketry technology began in mid-1945. Knowledge Capture Programs, such as Operation Paperclip, was operated by the United States and Britain. As American and British armies captured German territory, all documents, drawings, flying saucer, jet aircraft and rocket prototypes were seized and shipped to the United States. The captured German rocketry experts inlcuded Werner von Braun, Hermann Oberth and hundreds of other German scientists involved in the V-1 Rockets, the V-2 Rockets, jet powered aircraft and other flight devices programs were sent to their new homes in the United States. In eastern Europe, Russia carried out similar Knowledge Capture Programs. The Knowledge Capture Programs almost immediately provided the launch pad For the United States, British and Russian space programs.

At the same time, the end end of the war in 1945, most civilians redirected their focus to rebuilding and restoring their normal lives. The political competitions between the United States and Russia, the Cold War, was already underway. There was little public general interest in space activities or related technologies.

However, in the scientific community, interest in space travel, UFO devices and continued development of new rockets for space travel never ceased. Hermann Oberth was one still convinced that: "UFOs do exist, are very real, and are spaceships from another, or more than one, solar system. They are possibly manned by intelligent observers who are members of a race carrying out long-range scientific investigations of our earth for centuries."

The July 1947 the Roswell Flying Saucer Incident quickly reopened public interest in Flying Saucers and space Aliens. The official government statement that it was a flying saucer crash was made while soldiers were still carefully picking up even the smalest debris from he crash site. The next day the government account changed t0 it was "only a weather balloon." However, public interest soared especially after the July 19,1952 overflight of seven UFO spaccecraft appearing as "bright lights" flying over Washington D.C. The event was confirmed by air traffic control radars at both National and Andrews. One week later the overflights occurred again. One F94 fighter jet attempted to pursue the UFOs flying "at maximum speed, but even then I had no closing speed. I ceased chasing them because I saw no chance of overtaking them," said the pilot.

Since 1936, some nations had maintained great secrecy about any knowledge gained from Extraterrestrial spacecraft. Reverse engineering of crashed UFO spaccraft has discovered details of aerodynamics, anti-gravity technologies, operating systems and materials that were previously unknown to Earth Humans. Those technical and scientific findings had likely been used by government agencies and secretive industries allowing related claims of new inventions by Earth Humans.

In recent years, some formerly secret technologies have been publically released by U.S. government agencies in the form of patent applications. Below are partial examples from the U.S. Navy.

"SUMMARY    The present invention is directed to a craft using an inertial mass reduction device. The craft includes an inner resonant cavity wall, an outer resonant cavity, and microwave emitters. The outer resonant cavity wall and the inner resonant cavity wall form a resonant cavity. The microwave emitters create high frequency electromagnetic waves throughout the resonant cavity causing the outer resonant cavity wall to vibrate in an accelerated mode and create a local polarized vacuum outside the outer resonant cavity wall."

"US20120092107A1    Propulsion system using the antigravity force of the vacuum and applications

Abstract   A propulsion system for aerial, terrestrial, underwater or space propulsion, achieved through the manipulation (or engineering) of the vacuum with the proper electromagnetic interactions. This vacuum manipulation will allow the use of a new form of propulsion, and has applications in energy production and on the change of the time decay of radioactive elements. Opposing magnetic or electric fields create a mass repelling force, while attracting magnetic or electric fields create a mass attracting force. In particular, this vacuum manipulation process can be used to propel a mass that contains the field sources that perturb the vacuum. One possible application is the creation of a repulsion point in space through the interference of two or more longitudinal electrodynamic wave beams, which cause a repulsion force on the mass."

SOURCE:    https://patents.google.com/patent/US20120092107A1/en


"US Navy Disclosing Secret Space Program Technologies through Patents System

   The US Navy has arranged for one of its scientists to openly apply for patents of advanced technologies that are allegedly under experimental development, but according to multiple insiders have been covertly developed and used in secret space programs for decades. In four patent applications lodged since 2015, the applicant, Dr. Salvator Cezar Pais, who filed on behalf of the Secretary of the Navy as the Assignee, has proposed revolutionary inventions that use principles such as electromagnetic propulsion rather than more conventional liquid fuel propulsion.

      In one application, Philip J. Bonzell, a Primary Patent Examiner for the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) believed the proposed invention of "A Craft Using an inertial Mass Reduction Device” was so outlandish and scientifically unfeasible that he rejected it on November 28, 2017.

      The rejection led to an immediate appeal by a Navy attorney who provided a supporting letter dated December 15, 2017, by Dr. James Sheehy, the Chief Technology Officer for the Naval Aviation Enterprise. Sheehy pointed out that Pais was employed by the Navy, and was currently working on proving the feasibility of the revolutionary propulsion system for a hybrid aerospace undersea craft described in the application.

      Dr. Pais is currently funded by NAWCAD [Naval Air War Center Aircraft Division] to design a test article instrumentation to demonstrate the experimental feasibility of achieving high electromagnetic (EM) field-energy and flux values. He is currently one year into the project and has already begun a series of experiments to design and demonstrate advanced High energy Density / High Power propulsion systems."

SOURCE:    https://exonews.org/us-navy-disclosing-secret-space-program-technologies-through-patents-system/

Ultimately, the words of Hermann Oberth spoken over half a century ago should be acknowledged:

              "We cannot alone take credit for our record advancements in certain scientific fields.               We have been helped, and we have been helped by the people of other worlds."

  -2-      Reported   UFO / UAP   Encounters

"Wow,   What   Is   That?"

navyufo "I almost hit one of those things," a pilot from the  U.S.S. Theodore Roosevelt   with a look of shock on his face just back from a mission told Lieutenant Graves.   He and his wingman had been flying in tandem about 100 feet apart over the Atlantic Ocean east of Virginia Beach  when something flew between them,  right past the cockpit.  It looked to the pilot "like a sphere encasing a cube."

Lieutenant Graves said he was stunned to hear the pilot's report, and the video showed,   the object accelerating to hypersonic speed, making sudden stops and instantaneous turns.  It was something beyond the physical limits of a human crew.   Lieutenant Graves noted, "Speed does not kill you.  Stopping or acceleration does."   Asked what they thought the objects were, the pilots refused to speculate. "We have aircraft that can fly at 30,000 feet and right at the surface but have not combined all that in a vehicle of some type with no jet engine, no exhaust plume." Lieutenant Accoin said only that, "we are here doing a job, with excellence, not making up myths."    The incident that occurred in 2014 was finally declassified and the video released in 2019 according to the May 27, 2019 New York Times newspaper's article: Wow, What Is That?


USAF  Jet   &   Crew   Vanished   After   UFO   Encounter.     1953    

The F-89C Scorpion fighter jet and its two man crew from the 433rd Fighter Interceptor Squadron at Kinross Air Force Base, Kincheloe, Michigan vanished on November 23, 1953 after it scrambled and pursued a ground radar contact over the area of Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan. The ground radar operators had directed the F-89C towards the object. As the F-86C closed in on the object at an altitude of about 8,000 feet, radio contact with the fighter was lost but radar operators still tracked the air force plane and the unidentified object as two radar screen blips. The blips merged as they came closer to each other until there was only a single blip as the object continued on its previous course. An intensive search by both the U.S. Air Force and the Royal Canadian Air Force never found any trace of the crew, the F-86C, or any wreckage.


USAF   Ordered   Pilots   To Destroy   Large   UFO     May 1, 1957

In 1957, two US Air Force fighter planes jets hastily took off with orders to shoot down an aircraft carrier-sized UFO detected by ground based radar over East Anglia, England. "The instructions came to go 'gate' to expedite the intercept. Gate was the term used to use maximum power (in the case of the F86-D that meant full afterburner) and to proceed to an Initial Point at about 32,000 feet. By this time, my radar was on, and I was looking prematurely for the bogey... . Aware that he was reaching the upper limit of his jet's capabilities, Torres requested to come out of the afterburner, but ground control denied his request. At that time, he prepared to execute the order to "fire a full salvo of rockets at the UFO." The F-86D carried 24 rockets that contained the power of a 75mm artillery shell.

Suddenly, Torres noticed that the object on his radar screen was moving. He was left with the impression that the UFO was moving at no less than Mach 10 (over 7,000 miles per hour) when it disappeared. According to Torres, the UFO "didn't follow classic Newtonian mechanics. It made a right turn almost on a dime. The (Royal Air Force radar) scope had a range of 250 miles. And after two sweeps, which took two seconds, it was gone. And I was flying almost at Mach 1." He returned to the base and was debriefed the next day by an unnamed man who "looked like a well-dressed IBM salesman. He threatened me with a national security breach if I breathed a word about it to anyone," Torres said.

Torres said he had been waiting for 50 years for an explanation. "I shall never forget it. On that night I was ordered to open fire even before I had taken off. That had never happened before." Torres said he is convinced the UFO he had encountered was designed by an "alien" intelligence and was not manufactured on Earth. He also noted: "It was some kind of space alien craft. It was so fast, it was so incredible it was absolutely death-defying."

In 2008, fifty one years after this UFO incident, the UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) finally began disclosing the secret files concerning UFO/UAP phenomena that had been hidden. The astonishing incident, which was revealed in the MoD files, happened over East Anglia, England.


Royal   Air  Force   -   Shot   At   UFOs      1980s

In Britain, Royal Air Force pilots have apparently fired upon the unidentified objects without success since the 1980s, according to Nick Pope, former head the Ministry of Defence's UFO project. There was a faction in the Ministry of Defence who said "We want to shoot down a UFO and that will resolve the issue one way or another. We know of cases where the order has been given to shoot down - with little effect to the UFO," according to the Daily Telegraph Reporter newspaper in England on January 26, 2009.


French  Mirage IV  Supersonic  Nuclear  Bomber  Encounters UFO    1977

French Air Force military aircraft's UFO encounter on March 7, 1977 at 08:34pm. Major Rene Giraud had engaged the auto pilot of a Mirage IV supersonic nuclear capable bomber with Captain Jean Paul Abraham as navigator. Returning from a night navigation exercise to the fRENCH Air Force base of Luxeuil in the region of Chaumont, Haute Marne, flying at an altitude of 9750 meters aT a speed of 1000 kilometres per hour, under excellent visibility conditions, the crew saw a gleaming light identical to the signalisation headlight of a Mirage III jet fighter coming toward it. The ground controller said there was absolutely nothing there and that thing was not a plane, Giraud gently started to turn to the right and it remained inside the turn. Giraud said, "It stuck to my trajectory. We banked sharply and the object pacing us at less than 1 km in our back. This lasted 40 seconds! We slowed the turn down, and this thing left at an unbelievable speed! 30 seconds after taking the direction to the Air base again, He turned very sharply to the right after having put the engines at full thrust. The object plays the same game again and it comes very near." Giraud had an impression of a shape and large mass behind us that was much larger than the Mirage. Abraham tried to take photographs while Giraud slightly reversed a turn and the object went towards the West with a fantastic acceleration, producing some sort of a trail. Giraud said, "When we landed at Luxeuil, we were shaken."         Source: The 1999 COMETA REPORT.



The  Belgian  UFO  Storm     November 1989

During a period of several weeks, over 140 UFO sightings by hundreds of local inhabitants began on November 29, 1989 over eastern Belgium. All reports were identical that a triangular shape craft approximately 120 feet long on each side traveled very slowly before departing at a high speed. Belgian authorities conducted over 650 investigations of witnesses. On March 30, 1990 another large triangular shaped UFO was seen by a police captain, was detected by two radar installations and two Belgian Air Force F-16 fighter planes that unsuccessfully attempted to intercept it. The UFO was able to easily climb, descend and out maneuver the slower less-agile F-16s. What became known as the Belgian UFO Storm continued into April with continuing incidents. Near Glons, Belgium another UFO triangle shape craft moved slowly over the countryside when it was detected by five different radar sites. F-16 jets were sent up but the UFO speed and maneuverability again quickly left the jet fighters behind.


French  Farmer  Faced   UFO  Aliens     July 1, 1965

The Gendarmerie Nationals investigated an incident reported by Maurice Masse, a French farmer in Valensole, AIpes-de-Haute-Provence, France. At 6:00, Masse heard a hissing sound in a nearby farm field. He saw an object reminiscent of the shape of a "Dauphine" automobile resting in the field approximately 90 meters from him. It was standing on six legs with a central pivot. He approached it with caution and then saw two small beings one of whom turned in his direction, pointed a tube at him that he took from a bag hanging on his left side. Masse indicated that he was then totally immobilized in place, numbed and paralyzed, but completely aware of the events that were unfolding before his eyes. The two beings then got back in their craft. He watched them while they were behind a sort of dome, and he heard a heavy noise when the object lifted up off the ground. He also remarked that the tube that was under the object, touching the ground, began to turn, as well as the six legs, which retracted under the machine. The object then ascended in a vertical direction before tilting diagonally and disappearing more rapidly than a jet. Maurice Masse remained immobilized in this manner for about 15 minutes before coming to. Two gendarme brigades confirmed the effect on the environment and on the witness himself, who slept twelve to fifteen hours a night, followed by the paralysis of which he had been a victim, for several months."

massefieldAt the site, the Digne investigations squad established the existence at the spot indicated by Masse, of a depression impressed into the ground, which had been soaked in that place. In the center of it was a cylindrical hole 18 cm in diameter and 40 cm deep with smooth walls. At the bottom of the hole were three other bent holes 6 cm in diameter. Along the object's axis of flight, over some one hundred meters, the lavender beds were dried up. This phenomenon lasted for several years, during which time the Masse tried in vain to replant the plants within a radius of several meters around the tracks.        Source: The 1999 COMETA REPORT.



  -3-      Livable   Planets

Finding  Planets   Capable   of   Supporting   Life

"it is improbable that in the limitless vastness of the universe we humans stand alone,"   said NASA Administrator Charles Bolden, a former astronaut, in July 2014.

Since its launch in 2009, Kepler has helped uncover a "bewildering variety" of Extra-Terrestrial worlds throughout the Milky Way, said William Borucki, lead scientist for the Kepler mission at NASA's Ames Research Center in Mountain View, Calif. Many in this strange menagerie which includes mini-Neptunes and super-Jupiters are not like any of the planets in our solar system. Some distant planets may be composed entirely of water; others have densities greater than iron or lower than Styrofoam.

In January 2021, the latest interpretation of new measurements taken by the NASA New Horizons spacecraft put the numbers of galaxies in our universe in the hundreds of billions. Since each individual galaxy may contain a number of planets, the number of places in the universe possibly containing life is almost beyond comprehension.

Just within the Milky Way that includes our Earth there are more than 100 billion stars. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences published study in 2013 found 11 Billion Earth like planets in the Milky Way with the closest only 12 light years away. Beyond are more than sixteen observed galaxies with many other stars. Among them, there are great possibilities of numerous Extraterrestrial Intelligent Civilizations.

According to NASA in August 2022, the most studied planetary system, aside from our own solar system, lies 40 light-years away. The seven rocky exoplanets orbiting the TRAPPIST-1 star with ground and space telescopes like Spitzer, Kepler, Hubble, and the James Webb Space Telescope. TRAPPIST-1 star's habitable zone has the most Earth-sized planets found in the habitable zone of a single star, This system of seven rocky worlds all of them with the potential for water on their surface is an exciting discovery in the search for life on other worlds. There is the possibility that future study of this unique planetary system could reveal conditions suitable for life.

If these planets have atmospheres, the James Webb Space Telescope will be the key to unlocking their secrets commented Doug Hudgins, Exoplanet Program Scientist at NASA Headquarters in Washington said that in the meantime, NASA's missions like Spitzer, Hubble, and Kepler are following up on these planets.

According to Hannah Wakeford, postdoctoral fellow at the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland: "These are the best Earth-sized planets for the James Webb Space Telescope to characterize, perhaps for its whole lifetime," said At Goddard, engineers and scientists are currently testing the Webb telescope which will be able to view these planets in the infrared, beyond the capabilities we currently have. The Webb telescope will increase the information we have about these planets immensely. With the extended wavelength coverage we will be able to see if their atmospheres have water, methane, carbon monoxide/dioxide and/or oxygen.

For thousands of years, people have wondered, are there other planets like Earth out there? Do any support life? Sara Seager, astrophysicst and planetary scientist at MIT said, "Now we have a bunch of planets that are accessible for further study to try to start to answer these ancient questions."


exoplanet Astronomers discovered a distant planet that they think could be completely covered in water, making it a prime target for future study by the James Webb Space Telescope. The planet is called TOI-1452 b and it is located around 100 light years away from Earth, orbiting one of a pair of stars in the Draco constellation. Planets that orbit stars outside of the solar system are known as exoplanets, and it is a relatively new area of research. The first exoplanet was discovered as recently as 1992.         Source: https://www.newsweek.com/exoplanet-alien-life-toi-1452-b-astronomy-james-webb-1736578



Finding   Life  Supporting   Planets?

The  Drake   Equation

The Drake Equation is important because it considers a variety of Milky Way factors including the estimated 100 billion stars, number of stars with planetary systems, how many planets would be able to sustain life, how much life would be intelligent life and of those how many could communicate. A source calculated there were possibly as many as 10,000 Intelligent Civilizations in the Milky Way. It is also still important because it opens scientific discussions about the likelihood of other life out there.

In 2016, an updated analysis of the Drake equation provided a new layer of understanding of possible far off civilizations. Marc Dantonio, Exoplanet Researcher, in a The Huffington Post article. explained the new analysis 'does not make the Drake obsolete but instead creates another new edition that helps us predict the probability of detecting other civilizations. The expanded knowledge of space in those 56 years due improved technologies and mans journeys into space have enhanced the Drake Equation concepts. He reported that a new edition equation study by Sara Seager, astrophysicist and planetary scientist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, concluded, our galaxy alone has between 100 and 400 billion stars. So on the low end of the estimate of only 100 billion stars her analysis predicts just over 6.5 million possible civilizations and at the higher end estimate of 400 billion stars in the galaxy, 26 million possible systems with intelligence are predicted. What does this all mean? It means, significantly, that science is on the side of those who suspect that there is other reasonably intelligent life in the Universe.

Dr. Frank Drake as one of the leaders in technically exploring spece, joined the National Radio Astronomy Observatory in 1961. At the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence conference (SETI) in 1961, he demonstrated his formula of a complex set of mathematical calculations to estimate the number of intelligent communicating civilizations possible in just the Milky Way galaxy. The Drake work is primarily directed toward detecting and sending radio signals for direct communication. Any planetary radio signals detected today on earth could have been traveling for unknown light years.


  -4-      Seeking    Extraterrestrial     Contacts


"The surest sign that intelligent life exists

elsewhere in the universe

is that it has never tried to contact us."

Hubert Czerepok     Artist   - Historian


SETI   Radio   Technology's   Search

Finding life in Interstellar space is a continuing process of Earth Humans by sending electrical messages radio based technologies and importantly listening by Earth Humans for electrical messages possibly being directed to the Earth.

The SETI Institute Carl Sagan Center for Research is the center of U.S. research in this field.

Seth Shostak at SETI explained:    "SETI these days relies on radio telescopes massive antenas outfitted with highly sensitive and specialized receivers. The idea is simple: Forget the rockets and bring on the photons. Let signals beamed via radio (or light) do the traveling. Radio is a great way to send information over the incredible distances between the stars; it easily passes through the dust and gas that suffuse space, and it does so at the speed of light..... Most SETI of the past 60 years has involved using large antennas to try and eavesdrop on any radio signals aliens might be transmitting. There are also SETI experiments done with specially designed optical systems that search for flashing laser light beamed into space by other societies to convey information, to propel their rockets, or to just ping other star systems to see if anyone is home. Note that SETI experiments do not broadcast. They just try to pick up signals that might already be threading the galaxy."

Searching the Universe for radio frequency messages dates back to late 1800s and early 1900s when radio transmissions began. Instruments to send and receive them were developed. It was then that radio signals from the northern polar region were first noted. Nikola Tesla was one of the pioneers working with the new technology of radio waves. He developed devices to send and receive radio signals and during the experiments in 1899 he detected radio signals from a polar direction that had no known radio source at the time.


  -5-      Alien  Activities

Extraterrestrial activities on and around planet Earth have been reported for many centuries. It is believed by many that interactions beyween Earth Humans interacted with Extraterrestrial Beings extended over thousands of years in diverse areas of the Earth. While in the earlier years Earth Humans were still in the post-primitive stages, the Extraterrestrial Beings already had knowledge of space and technologies to explore the universe including visiting planet Earth. That possibilty is difficult for many Earth Humans to accept. It is also a concept that many national governments refuse to publically accept.

"They"   Have   Been   Here   A   Long   Time

Advanced Beings from other worlds have observed and visited earth over a long periods. The continual UFO sightings around the world are observation programs. Discoveries by archeologists worldwide over several centuries have led to their strong beliefs that during the human history of the earth, humans interacted with Extraterrestrial visitors from other planets possibly including other from galaxies. For to many Earth Humans today, those history time lines are difficult to comprehend.

Erich von Daniken in Chariots Of The Gods, wrote: "The earth's crust was formed about 4,000,000,000 years ago. Yes, and all that science knows is that something like man existed 1,000,000 years ago! And out of that gigantic river of time it has managed to dam up only a tiny rivulet of 7,000 years of human history. But what are 7,000 years of human history compared with the thousands of millions of years of history of the universe?"

During that era of Earth's history for thousands of years, sources indicated there were, possibly still are, dozens of Extraterrestrial Beings Races that travelled to the Earth. Various exploration activities occurred at different Earth regions by different Extraterrestrial Races. Among the Beings Races were Arcturians, Anunaki, Pleidians, Martians, Greys, Reptilians, Dwarfs and Antarcticans.

During that time, worldwide, archeological discoveries dating back to 3,500 BC include large structures with precise construction technologies and geological accomplishments. Today's experts have noted it would be difficult to duplicate those accomplishments even with 21st Century Human skills and equipment.

Extraterrestrial Beings may have colonized parts of Earth while constructing significant structures or mining for minerals. Possible example, near the area in Peru where the The Lines are located is currently mined for gold. At the conclusion of the mission, the Aliens then returned to their home planet. One example Mary Sutherland noted in   Alien Races and Descriptions,    During that time period, some believe Extraterrestrial Beings may have colonized parts of Earth and carried of mining for minerals and constructing of significant structures and then returned to their home planet. As part of the Aliens colonies operations were "Earth Born Humans divided into separate classes.[Class A] (Ancient) - These humans were the companions and house servants of a GROUP A military mining and occupation force. When this force left the Earth sometime between 1,000 BC and 3,500 BC, it was decided to remove all humans that had been in close proximity with them. It was felt that leaving them would only further disrupt normal human development."      Source:  Alien Races and Descriptions - www.burlingtonnews.net

nazcalinesThe Nazca Lines in Peru are an example of outstanding engineering and construction skills. One theory is that a visiting Extraterrestrial Race used the regions Earth Humans on the ground for the labor force to construct the elaborate designs directed by some entity that viewed it from above.

An interesting fact of the Nazca Lines is only an entity with the ability to view them from an overhead height of several hundred feet are The Lines totally visable and understandable. The giant geoglyphs designs made by the ancient Nazca people carved into the Peruvian desert. Some views reveal giant spirals and a spider. Other perfectly straight lines that stretch for kilometers across the desert have been compared to an airport.. The Nazca created these geoglyphs between 200 BCE and AD 600 by clearing away the darker top soil and stone, leaving the underlying soil exposed. The dry natural environment has protected the lines. The desert plain where the lines are carved receives little rain or wind which helps preserve The Lines so they are still visible today.


20th   Century   Space   Interactions

The 1899 polar radio signals remained an area of interest during the 1920s and 1930s when possible. Radio equipment developers and astronomers worldwide increasingly reported unusual and unexplained radio signals from the same region. Political events such as World War 2 halted research. In 1953, a researcher at the University of New Mexico observed a space object that possibly seemed to be a polar radio signals source. That object was named the Black Knight was in a polar orbit long before any man large made objects had been sent into space.

wrap text around imageOver those years another possible source was considered. The Episilon Bootes constellation includes five known stars and earth astronomers have identified several planets. It is one of the largest constellations in the Northern Hemisphere. The Episilon Bootes constellation was named in the 2nd Century by the the Greek astronomer Ptolemy. The constellation contains the star Arcturus which is the third brightest star in the night sky and easily visible by the naked eye. When looking at the Big Dipper follow the path of the Dipper handle and it points to Arcturus. Arcturus is 37 Light Years from Earth.

Theories about the two possible sources gradually merged into one. According to some researchers, the satellite known as the Black Knight in its polar orbit may have been observing earthly activities for hundreds of years. It is believed by some that the   Arcturians   from the Episilon Bootes constellation control the satellite as part of their mission to protect Planet Earth.

According to the USSR government, when they launched Sputnik 1 and Sputnik 2 in 1957 they believed the Black Knight was monitoring them. In 1960, a Grumman Aircraft Corporation project for the U.S. governmemt resulted in photos of the Black Knight. but they were classified Secret and never made public. Calculations by astronomers and scientists determined the satellite weighed about 10 tons which was more weight than either the U.S. or the USSR could launch into polar orbit at that time.

The Arcturus visible light being viewed on Earth today had traveled 3,515 Trillion Kilometers at a speed of 10 Trillion Kilometers per year. Arcturus is a major star 18 times larger than the Earth sun and 105 times the luminosity of the sun.

The   Arcturians

"Arcturians are believed to originate from the Bootes Constellation and exist in the fourth and fifth dimensions of space and time. Arcturians are the known supreme power in our galaxy protecting many civilizations from the evil agendas of other Extra-Terrestrial races. Arcturian Beings believe in a higher state of being and have mastered many aspects of today's modern age belief of New Age Thinking. Arcturians Beings ingest good forms of energy (positive energy) for their nutrition.

Karl Kolsbun, metaphysician and psychic medium explained it is believed a planet orbiting Arcturus not yet observed from earth is inhabited by an advanced civilization of Beings known as the Arcturians. "These highly evolved and friendly beings are committed to assisting and expanding our spiritual growth to help our ascension into the higher 4th and 5th dimensional frequencies."

Edgar Cayce (1877-1945) known as the "sleeping prophet" and the most documented psychic of the 20th century is reported to have developed detailed knowledge of the Arcturians describing them as "one of the most advanced civilizations in our entire galaxy."

Clifford Stone, a UFO investigator, wrote, "The Arcturians teach that the most fundamental ingredient for living in the fifth dimension is love. Negativity, fear and guilt must be overcome and exchanged for love and light. The Arcturians travel the universe in their starships, which are some of the most advanced in the entire universe. One of the reasons Earth has not been attacked by warlike negative extraterrestrials has been those civilizations' fear of the advanced starships of the Arcturians. One of the starships circling the Earth is called the Starship Athena after the Greek goddess."

The commentator of the YouTube Arcturian Ship explained, "These type of crafts are Arcturian ships. The Arcturians are a very advanced race actively involved in stabilizing the crust of the Earth saving us from many earthquakes and Tsunami. At least up until now."

The video shows a possible large cylindrical large object going down into the 450 meter deep crater of Popocatepetl. To the Aztecs, Popocatepetl meant smoking mountain. Popocatepetl is 5,426 meters high, located 70 kilometers from Mexico City, Mexico and has been in a state of activity since 1994 after 50 years of dormancy. At least three previous major volcano cones were destroyed before the present one was created. Those major eruptions resulted in pyroclastic flows and debris-avalanche deposits that cover large areas around the volcano. This area of the crust of the Earth has been naturally very active since the Pleistocene era.


Spacecraft technology transfers and UFO visits may be a part of the latest interaction by Extraterrestrial Beings and Earth Humans to peacefully coexist in the Universe.