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Souls  Destiny  in the   After Life

by Richard O. Aichele

space2 Does a soul continue to live   or cease to live   after the physical body it was assoiciated with dies?   The answer has never been conclusively determined.   However, every religion, every philosophical concept and the minds attached to every physical body have reached various conclusions.

Generally accepted is the belief a living human consists of body, mind and spirit. Over the earth humans thousands of years of history one common area of agreement may be that an energy field spirit exists within a physical body.   Spirit is often referred to as the Soul and it survives the death process of a physical body.

"The soul is very clear that its purpose is evolution. That is its sole purpose and its Soul purpose. It is not concerned with the achievements of the body or the development of the mind. These are all meaningless to the soul. The soul is also clear that there is no great tragedy involved in leaving the body," according to Conversations with God by Neale Donald Walsch.

K.Kolsbun, a metaphysician and psychic medium explained:   "After someone has passed away, they may go through rehabilitation. The Soul may have been in and passed away in an accident. Rehabilitation would be in what we would call a hospital continues until everything is again the way it should be for the Soul.   Then the Soul goes on to the next level and is with Guides that are equal or even more advanced than the Soul. The Soul is given choices by Advanced Souls and the options include to reincarnate returning to a life on earth or remain at the higher level to study and explore different challenges and opportunities."

Conversations with God further explains that upon death, "the body changes form leaving the most dense part behind but retaining always its outer shell. The mind, not to be confused with the brain, goes with you joining with the spirit and the body as the one energy mass of three dimensions, or facets. Should you choose to return to this experiencing opportunity that you call life on earth, your divine self will once again separate its true dimensions into what you call body, mind and spirit. In truth you are one energy yet with three distinct characteristics."


Connecting  With  A   Departed  Soul

A Client of K.Kolsbun requested life after death information about a Relative, name of Ernest, who passed away forty years earlier. K.Kolsbun using the techniques of mediumship, channeling and teleporting made a psychic connection with the Client's Relative. The Relative had grown up on a farm but his adult 45 years of work was as a businessman, inventor with many technical patents and always involved with new technologies.    When the psychic connection was made, K.Kolsbun laughed as he gave the Client the deceased Relative Ernest's first message: "Well you finally did it!   You finally decided to contact me."

K.Kolsbun was able to achieve his teleporting to the place where the Relative was and described to the Client what the Relative Ernest was showing and saying:

"He is experimenting with what he calls machines and doing a lot of research. It is some sort of machine you can get into. Appears to be glass - you can see right through it - some kind of a new very strong material. You can be inside and using just your thoughts you will be able to drive it. It is all controlled with the mind. Just thinking 'right' and it will go 'right'. Thinking 'up' and it will go 'up'.    It goes as fast or faster than the speed of light. All it takes is a quick thought and you are there. He said he travels in it with others. The machine is the size of a room in a house. It's as though he is in control just with telepathic mind direction.

Relative Ernest is an instructor and there are five others there. He is the only one that looks like a human being. The others do not look like men as we think of human beings. They are from different galaxies or planets. Like the beings from Star Wars each one is a little different from the other. They are extremely intelligent and interacting with each other sharing information. They met together to share what they know.

The Relative Ernest said that he was not just sitting around counting potatoes but is doing many things we would think of as New Age. He is doing things because he is able to do them in the spirit world. He said it is now just everyday thoughts and advanced thought patterns happening with him."

For the Client, to be able contact the Relative's Soul was reassuring. The use of the word "machines" the Client remembered the Relative Ernest used often in that way.   The phrase "not just sitting around counting potatoes" was also used by the Relative to indicate when he was very actively working with new emerging technologies.    It seemed the Relative was continuing work "with new technologies" and to the Client it indicated the Relative's Soul was alive and continuing to evolve in the after life.

The Client asked if the Relative had decided not to come back to earthly life because there were more challenges doing what he was doing?    K.Kolsbun replied, " Yes that is very possible. However it does not mean he won't decide to come back here at some point."