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Space   Visitors   To   Earth

by Richard O. Aichele


"Wow, What Is That?"

A 2019 U.S. Navy announcement included a short video of space craft kept secret for five years. The event in 2014 was of a U. S. Navy pilot flying a Super Hornet twin engine fighter from the aircraft carrier U.S.S. Theodore Roosevelt. It was one of many apparent aerial UFO encounters that pilots experienced still kept secret.

"In late 2014, Lieutenant Graves said he was back at base in Virginia Beach when he encountered a squadron mate just back from a mission 'with a look of shock on his face.' He said he was stunned to hear the pilot serving on the U.S.S. Theodore Roosevelt: 'I almost hit one of those things,' the pilot told Lieutenant Graves. The pilot and his wingman were flying in tandem about 100 feet apart over the Atlantic east of Virginia Beach when something flew between them, right past the cockpit. It looked to the pilot, Lieutenant Graves said, like a sphere encasing a cube.

What was strange, the pilots said, was that the video showed objects accelerating to hypersonic speed, making sudden stops and instantaneous turns was something beyond the physical limits of a human crew. "Speed does not kill you," Lieutenant Graves said. "Stopping does. Or acceleration." Asked what they thought the objects were, the pilots refused to speculate... "We have aircraft that can fly at 30,000 feet and right at the surface but have not combined all that in a vehicle of some type with no jet engine, no exhaust plume." Lieutenant Accoin said only that, "we are here doing a job, with excellence, not making up myths," according to the May 27, 2019 New York Times newspaper's article, Wow, What Is That?


Unexplained   UFO   Incidents

The F-89C Scorpion fighter jet and its two man crew from the 433rd Fighter Interceptor Squadron at Kinross Air Force Base, Kincheloe, Michigan vanished on November 23, 1953 after it scrambled and pursued a ground radar contact over the area of Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan. The ground radar operators had directed the F-89C towards the object. As the F-86C closed in on the object at an altitude of about 8000 feet, radio contact with the fighter was lost. The ground radar operators tracked the air force plane and the unidentified object as two radar screen blips on their radar screen. The blips seemed to merge as they came closer to each other but then there was then only a single blip and the object continued on its previous course. An immediate search and rescue operation by both the U.S. Air Force and the Royal Canadian Air Force was not successful. No trace of the crew, the F-86C, or any wreckage was ever found.

A major French government UFO study known as The COMETA REPORT, published in 1999, included a number of aircraft related UFO incidents as well as other personal UFO encounters.

Included in the study is an incident of a French Air Force military aircraft's UFO encounter on March 7, 1977 at 08:34pm. "Major Rene Giraud had engaged the auto pilot of a Mirage IV supersonic nuclear capable bomber with Captain Jean Paul Abraham as navigator. They were returning from a night navigation exercise to the Air Force base of Luxeuil and were in the region of Chaumont in the department of Haute Marne, flying at an altitude of 9750 meters and a speed of Mach 0.9, under excellent visibility conditions. That evening, in command of the Arbois bomber squadron, I have just carried out a night flight exercise on board a Mirage IV bomber with my navigator, Captain Jean-Paul Abraham. We return to Luxeuil at an altitude of 9750 meters and at an approximate speed of 1000 kilometres per hour. We are above Chaumont when a gleaming light arrives toward us. It is identical to the signalisation headlight of a Mirage III jet fighter. Does the controller radar of Contrexeville sleep? The object continues to approach, on the same level than us It is not normal, he should remain below. I warn the ground controller, but he says to me that there is absolutely nothing. And that thing approaches It is not a plane, it is not a missile. I gently start to turn to the right. And it remains inside my turn, stuck to my trajectory. At once, I bank sharply. This object is straight forwardly pacing us at less than 1 km in our back as taking position to shoot us down! It flies much more quickly than me And this will last 40 seconds! There is absolutely nothing I can do. I slow my turn down, and this thing leaves at an unbelievable speed! 30 seconds after I had taken the direction of the Air base again, I say to my navigator: Careful, that thing will come back! I feel that I am being observed! I turn very sharply to the right after having put the engines at full thrust. The object plays the same game again. And there, it come very near. I have an impression of a shape and large mass behind us, much larger than my Mirage. Jean-Paul tries to take photographs. I slightly reverse my turn and the light goes again towards the West with a fantastic acceleration, producing some sort of a trail. When we landed at Luxeuil, we were shaken."


COMETA   Report  Includes  Personal   Alien   Encounters

The Gendarmerie Nationals conducted an in-depth investigation at Valensole, AIpes-de-Haute-Provence, France on July 1, 1965, "Maurice Masse had headed for his lavender fields at around 6:00 a.m.. He heard a hissing sound that attracted his attention. He saw an object resting in his field approximately 90 meters from him. It's shape was reminiscent of that of a "Dauphine" automobile standing on six legs with a central pivot. He approached it with caution at a distance thinking he might surprise people about to steal his lavender from him. He then saw two small beings one of whom was turned in his direction, pointed a tube at him that he took from a bag hanging on his left side. Masse indicated that he was totally immobilized in place, numbed and paralyzed, but completely aware of the events that were unfolding before his eyes. The two beings then got back in their craft. He watched them while they were behind a sort of dome, and he heard a heavy noise when the object lifted up off the ground. He also remarked that the tube that was under the object, touching the ground, began to turn, as well as the six legs, which retracted under the machine. The object then ascended in a vertical direction before tilting diagonally and disappearing more rapidly than a jet. Maurice Masse remained immobilized in this manner for about 15 minutes before coming to, then resuming his work and then going to the village where the gendarmes questioned him.

The Gendarmerie Nationals in-depth investigation at Valensole then the Digne investigations squad established the existence at the spot indicated by Masse, of a depression impressed into the ground, which had been soaked in that place. In the center of it was a cylindrical hole 18 cm in diameter and 40 cm deep with smooth walls. At the bottom of the hole were three other bent holes 6 cm in diameter. Along the object's axis of flight, over some one hundred meters, the lavender beds were dried up. This phenomenon lasted for several years, during which time the witness tried in vain to replant the plants within a radius of several meters around the tracks. Two gendarme brigades confirmed the effect on the environment and on the witness himself, who slept twelve to fifteen hours a night, followed by the paralysis of which he had been a victim, for several months."

Among well known UFO incidents are the over 140 UFO sightings by hundreds of local inhabitants that began on November 29, 1989 over eastern Belgium. All reports were identical that a triangular shape craft approximately 120 feet long on each side traveled very slowly before departing at a high speed. Belgian authorities conducted over 650 investigations of witnesses. On March 30, 1990 another large triangular shaped UFO was seen by a police captain, was detected by two radar installations and two Belgian Air Force F-16 fighter planes unsuccessfully attempted to intercept it. The UFO was able to easily climb, descend and out maneuver the slower less-agile F-16s. What became known as the Belgian UFO Storm continued into April with continuing incidents. Near Glons, Belgium another UFO triangle shape craft moved slowly over the countryside when it was detected by five different radar sites. F-16 jets were sent up but the UFO speed and maneuverability again quickly left the jet fighters behind.


The  Geography   of   Space

It is known that just within the Milky Way that includes our Earth there are more than 100 billion stars. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences published study in 2013 found 11 Billion Earth like planets in the Milky Way with the closest only 12 light years away. Beyond are more than sixteen observed galaxies with many other stars. Among them, there are great possibilities of numerous ET Extraterrestrial Intelligent Civilizations.

At a NASA meeting on July 14, 2014 that included discussions on other life outside out solar system, NASA Administrator Charles Bolden, a former astronaut, said "it is improbable that in the limitless vastness of the universe we humans stand alone." That view from NASA hs not changed. In January 2021, the latest interpretation of new measurements taken by the NASA New Horizons spacecraft put the numbers of galaxies in our universe in the hundreds of billions. Since each individual galaxy may contain a number of planets, the number of places in the universe possibly containing life is almost beyond comprehension.

'One great leap toward the possibility of life, including intelligent life, in the universe," said UC Berkeley astronomer Geoffrey Marcy, who worked on a new study published Monday in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. The new planetary study used the Kepler space telescope, NASA's primary planet-hunting tool to gather the data over several years. A Nov. 4, 2013 Los Angeles Times Newspaper article explained, 'Since its launch in 2009, Kepler has helped uncover a "bewildering variety" of Extra-Terrestrial worlds throughout the Milky Way, said William Borucki, lead scientist for the Kepler mission at NASA's Ames Research Center in Mountain View, Calif. Many in this strange menagerie which includes mini-Neptunes and super-Jupiters are not like any of the planets in our solar system. Some distant planets may be composed entirely of water; others have densities greater than iron or lower than Styrofoam.

The  Drake   Equation

The Drake Equation is important because it considers a variety of Milky Way factors including the estimated 100 billion stars, number of stars with planetary systems, how many planets would be able to sustain life, how much life would be intelligent life and of those how many could communicate. A source calculated there were possibly as many as 10,000 Intelligent Civilizations in the Milky Way. It is also still important because it opens scientific discussions about the likelihood of other life out there.

In 2016, an updated analysis of the Drake equation provided a new layer of understanding of possible far off civilizations. Marc Dantonio, Exoplanet Researcher, in a The Huffington Post article. explained the new analysis 'does not make the Drake obsolete but instead creates another new edition that helps us predict the probability of detecting other civilizations. The expanded knowledge of space in those 56 years due improved technologies and mans journeys into space have enhanced the Drake Equation concepts. He reported that a new edition equation study by Sara Seager, astrophysicist and planetary scientist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, concluded, our galaxy alone has between 100 and 400 billion stars. So on the low end of the estimate of only 100 billion stars her analysis predicts just over 6.5 million possible civilizations and at the higher end estimate of 400 billion stars in the galaxy, 26 million possible systems with intelligence are predicted. What does this all mean? It means, significantly, that science is on the side of those who suspect that there is other reasonably intelligent life in the Universe.

Dr. Frank Drake as one of the leaders in technically exploring spece, joined the National Radio Astronomy Observatory in 1961. At the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence conference (SETI) in 1961, he demonstrated his formula of a complex set of mathematical calculations to estimate the number of intelligent communicating civilizations possible in just the Milky Way galaxy. The Drake work is primarily directed toward detecting and sending radio signals for direct communication. Any planetary radio signals detected today on earth could have been traveling for unknown light years.

Earthliing   UFO   Politics,  Skeptics   and   Fear

The first official U.S. government UFO study called Project SignProject Grudge in 1949 followed by the U.S. Air Force's Project Blue Book in December 1952. At the conclusion of Project Blue Book in 1969, the study listed 12,618 sightings and ended concluding there was "no evidence indicating that sightings categorized as unidentified are extraterrestrial vehicles." After years of silencing any news of UFO encounters by the U.S. Navy, the Navy changed course in May, 2019 and announced new rules that their flight crews must file official reports of any UFO actvity. That news was viewed by some observers as an indication the U.S. government had never stopped investigating UFOs after Project Blue Book ended but had just become more secretive than previously.

In some Earth countries including the United States at this time, the official positions takes the form of saying, There is no proof that any other life is out there and has visited earth. Meantime, they are keeping any details and any UFO debris secret as classified information. Other countries including France, Belgium, Denmark, Canada and Chile have opened their UFO files. In the U.S., the Roswell affair still seems to be part of an an official cover-up. Another example cited by is: "In 1963, Gordon Cooper was launched into space. On his final orbit, he reported seeing a glowing green object in front of his capsule in the distance moving towards his Spacecraft. The Muchea tracking station, in Australia, which Cooper reported the object to, picked up this Unidentified object on Radar traveling East to West. NBC reported this, but after Cooper had returned to Earth, the Reporters were not allowed to ask Cooper about the unidentified object. The official explanation given for Cooper's sighting report was: "High levels of carbon dioxide which caused hallucinations."

Someday   The   Decision:  To   Fear   or   Welcome   Alien   Beings

In any discussion about UFOs and Other Beings from other worlds, a common concern on Earth is: Are they friendly? Perhaps for the Other Beings, the concern is: Are the Earth beings friendly?

In Britain, Royal Air Force pilots have apparently fired upon the unidentified objects without success since the 1980s, according to Nick Pope, who used to run the Ministry of Defence's UFO project. There was a faction in the Ministry of Defence who said "We want to shoot down a UFO and that will resolve the issue one way or another. We know of cases where the order has been given to shoot down - with little effect to the UFO," according to the Daily Telegraph Reporter newspaper in England on January 26, 2009.

May 17, 2022   U.S. Congress Investigates UFOs

At the opening of the one day Congressional UFO Hearing, chairman Rep. Andre Carson criticized the Pentagon for failing to name a director to head the newly established Airborne Object Identification and Management Synchronization Group and for failing to provide any updates. Deputy Director of Naval Intelligence Scott Bray stated that the number of "frequent and continuing" reported sightings had grown to about 400 since last year's mandated report. He cast out the notion that the UFOs had extraterrestrial origins, testifying that no organic/inorganic material or unexplainable wreckage indicated so.

Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence and Security Ronald S. Moultrie stated that most UFOs could be identified through "rigorous" analysis and investigation, but pointed out a number of incidents that defied explanation, such as a 2004 sighting where aircraft carrier pilots in the Pacific came across a hovering unidentified object that appeared to have rapidly descended tens of thousands of feet. Moultrie told lawmakers that they did want "potential adversaries to know exactly what we see or understand.

Lawmakers were shown declassified images and footage of UFOs, including a video of a UFO observed by a Navy fighter-jet pilot in 2021, a "spherical object" that "quickly passes by the cockpit of the aircraft." Another video captured triangular objects (speculated to be drones) floating off the coast as seen through night-vision goggles.

The public portion of the hearing, held in the morning and lasting less than 90 minutes, was followed by private classified session in the afternoon.

Leading paranormal investigator and UFO skeptic Robert Sheaffer stated that he "didn't expect much from the hearings" and that he was not disappointed. He also derided the "ridiculous" footage shown at the hearing, saying: "They show this as some of their best evidence, and we are supposed not to laugh?

The above information sourced and quoted from


Spacecraft   Technologies

Science  and  Open Minds  Have  Discovered  Many Answers

wrap text around image Over 100 years ago, the development of those necessary propulsion technologies to reach the moon was underway. Hermann Oberth, (1894 - 1989) who would later be recognized as Germany's Father of Astronautics, was a young scientist who began creating the basics of space travel technologies. In 1917, Oberth first proposed the concept of liquid-fueled long-range missiles. That was followed by his feasibility studies of a multi-stage rocket with sections cast off as they became unnecessary. In 1922, while studying mathematics and physics at the University of Heidelberg, his dissertation of rocket designs was rejected by less forward thinking academic scholars. He came to accept the existence of UFOs, interstellar intelligence and aliens. During Oberth's early career in rocket propulsion he correctly predicted that "Rockets... can be built so powerfully that they could be capable of carrying a man aloft." During World War 2, Oberth and Werner von Braun were the key members of the team that created the V-2 Rockets and later working in the U.S. he was involved with the development of the Saturn-V rocket that carried men the moon.

Throughout Oberth's career he recognized the reality that man's technology levels are far below the technologies of the Aliens and their UFOs. "We cannot produce machines that fly the same as UFOs do. They are flying by means of artificial fields of Gravity. This would explain the sudden changes of directions. This hypothesis would also explain the piling-up of these discs into a cylindrical or cigar-shaped mothership upon leaving the Earth."

Hermann Oberth believed;

If we establish the working hypothesis that the UFOs are machines, we also have to assume the following:

a) They are not built by human beings.

b) They are flying by means of artificial fields of gravity.

c) They produce high-tension electric charges in order to push the air out of their paths, so it does not start glowing, and strong magnetic fields to influence the ionized air at higher altitudes.

Oberth, as a scientist with extensive rocketry and space experience said, "It is my conclusion that UFOs do exist, are very real, and are spaceships from another, or more than one, solar system. They are possibly manned by intelligent observers who are members of a race carrying out long-range scientific investigations of our earth for centuries."

As the search for UFO related information continues, a comment made by the rocketry pioneer Harmann Oberth years ago may now be appropriate regarding the misions of those visiting intelligent beings.

"We cannot alone take credit for our record advancements in certain scientific fields. We have been helped, and we have been helped by the people of other worlds."


What If   "They" Are Here   and   Have Been Here?

Erich von Daniken in Chariots Of The Gods, wrote: 'the earths crust was formed about 4,000,000,000 years ago. Yes, and all that science knows is that something like man existed 1,000,000 years ago! And out of that gigantic river of time it has managed to dam up only a tiny rivulet of 7,000 years of human history. But what are 7,000 years of human history compared with the thousands of millions of years of history of the universe?' Many archeologists cite ancient historical architectural sites from 2,000 BC as ample historical evidence of possible Extra-Terrestrial visitors not only observed the earth and its inhabitants but taught Earth people specialized technologies. Earth's flight technology still only happened with Wright's first Flight in the air by a powered device occurred 114 years ago. It should be considered very possible that Extra-Terrestrial life form visitors successfully do travel to observe or visit this Earth.


The Black Knight Satellite

wrap text around imageVisits by Extra-Terrestrial Beings to Earth using a variety of space craft have been reported around the world. The story and awareness of an observation satellite watching Earth is relatively new in comparison. According to some researchers, a satellite known as the Black Knight is believed to be in a polar orbit may have been observing earthly activities for hundreds or thousands of years. It was in the late 1800s as radio signals and instruments to receive them were developed that radio signals from the polar region were noted. Radio pioneer Nikola Tesla in the late 1800s and early 1900s was working with the new technology of radio waves. Tesla developed devices to send and receive them. During the experiments, he detected radio signals in 1899 from a polar direction that had no known radio source at the time. Since the 1930s, other radio equipment developers and astronomers worldwide have increasingly been reporting unusual and unexplained radio signals from the same region. In 1953, a researcher at the University of New Mexico observed a space object that was thought to be the radio signals source. In 1954, an object was detected in a polar orbit long before any man made objects were sent into space. It was named the Black Knight. According to the USSR government, when they launched Sputnik 1 and Sputnik 2 in 1957 they believed the Black Knight. was monitoring them. In 1960, a Grumman Aircraft Corporation project for the U.S. governmemt resulted in photos of the Black Knight. but they were classified Secret and never made public. Calculations by astronomers and scientists determined the satellite weighed about 10 tons which was more weight than either the U.S. or the USSR could launch into polar orbit at that time.

More recent research has indicated possible links between the Black Knight and the Arcturian alien group. It is believed by some that the Arcturians from the Episilon Bootes constellation frequently visit the Earth and are constantly watching Earth


The term 'other reasonably intelligent life' could become a very misunderstood assessment. Much is unknown. Any of those civilizations could be vastly more advanced than what we have on earth. Advanced life forms from other worlds may have observed and visited earth over a long periods and continue to do so. Discoveries by archeologists worldwide over several centuries have led to strong beliefs that during the human history of the earth, humans interacted with Extra-Terrestrial visitors from other planets possibly including other from galaxies. For most earth humans today, those history time lines are difficult to imagine.


Earth's   Possible   Connection   To   The  Arcturians

Interestingly, radio signals starting in the 1920s were believed coming from the Earth's northern polar regions and from the Epsilon Bootes Constellation. As space knowledge grew, possible UFO sources were suspected that came to include the Black Knight.

The Episilon Bootes constellation includes five known stars and earth astronomers have identified several planets. It is one of the largest constellations in the Northern Hemisphere. The Episilon Bootes constellation was named in the 2nd Century by the the Greek astronomer Ptolemy. The constellation contains the star Arcturus which is the third brightest star in the night sky and easily visible by the naked eye. When looking at the Big Dipper follow the path of the Dipper handle and it points to Arcturus. Arcturus is 37 Light Years from earth. So the Arcturus visible light being viewed on Earth today had traveled 3,515 Trillion Kilometers at a speed of 10 Trillion Kilometers per year. Arcturus is a major star 18 times larger than the Earth sun and 105 times the luminosity of the sun.

It is believed a planet orbiting Arcturus not yet observed from earth is inhabited by an advanced civilization of aliens known as the Arcturians. "These highly evolved and friendly beings are committed to assisting and expanding our spiritual growth to help our ascension into the higher 4th and 5th dimensional frequencies," according to Karl Kolsbun, metaphysician and psychic medium.

Edgar Cayce (1877-1945) known as the "sleeping prophet" and the most documented psychic of the 20th century is reported to have developed detailed knowledge of the Arcturians describing them as "one of the most advanced civilizations in our entire galaxy."

Clifford Stone, a UFO investigator, wrote, "The Arcturians teach that the most fundamental ingredient for living in the fifth dimension is love. Negativity, fear and guilt must be overcome and exchanged for love and light. The Arcturians travel the universe in their starships, which are some of the most advanced in the entire universe. One of the reasons Earth has not been attacked by warlike negative extraterrestrials has been those civilizations' fear of the advanced starships of the Arcturians. One of the starships circling the Earth is called the Starship Athena after the Greek goddess."

The commentator of the YouTube Arcturian Ship explained, "These type of crafts are Arcturian ships. The Arcturians are a very advanced race actively involved in stabilizing the crust of the Earth saving us from many earthquakes and Tsunami. At least up until now."

The video shows a possible large cylindrical large object going down into the 450 meter deep crater of Popocatepetl. To the Aztecs, Popocatepetl meant smoking mountain. Popocatepetl is 5,426 meters high, located 70 kilometers from Mexico City, Mexico and has been in a state of activity since 1994 after 50 years of dormancy. At least three previous major volcano cones were destroyed before the present one was created. Those major eruptions resulted in pyroclastic flows and debris-avalanche deposits that cover large areas around the volcano. This area of the crust of the Earth has been violently active since the Pleistocene era.


Concepts  About   Extra-Terrestrial   Beings

The possible influences of Extraterrestrial Beings in Earth's past history are a growing subject of research and discussion. Earth people are only on the cusp of venturing into the vast universe. We may be influenced everyday in many ways by ET Other Beings. It is believed there are several forms of ET Other Beings and and their possible influences are very controversial.


"Accturians are believed to originate from the Bootes constellation and exist in the fourth and fifth dimensions of space and time. Arcturians are the known supreme power in our galaxy, protecting many civilizations from the evil agendas of other Extra-Terrestrial races. Arcturian Beings believe in a higher state of being and have mastered many aspects of today's modern age belief of New Age Thinking. Arcturians Other Beings ingest good forms of energy (positive energy) for their nutrition. Arcturians have vested many of their resources to defend Earth from the Reptilian and Grey Other Beings and their agendas.

Grey Other Beings broke away from their oppressive Reptilian masters and are now in search for a new home. Created as evil beings (Reptilians ingest negative forms of energy), the Grey Other Beings have many hidden agendas here on Earth and because they are inherently evil they continue to misguide the human population towards war and plunder. We continue to see the vast majority of people led astray from these core beliefs in a higher power; in part by Grey and Reptilian Agendas.

Reptilians have become one of the most captivating alien race in our galaxy. This race of Reptilian Other Beings originate from the Draco Constellation and now find themselves throughout the entire galaxy. Reptilians have been commonly associated with government conspiracies, government control and manipulation of our home planet. The reason many people associate these Reptilians with such actions is because of their inherit nature to be evil.

Pleiadians hold very similar physical attributes as Earth people but are very different because of their advanced higher state of mental evolution. The Pleiadians are constantly searching for the enlightened paths that are known to the Arcturians and continue their path on the spiritual and mental plains of the higher realms. Because their inherent desire to seek the mental spiritual powers of the Universe, Pleiadians are also closely related to the term Lightworker. Lightworkers are those, like Pleiadians, who set out to do the positive work (love, light, and joy) of the Universe and accomplish ascension of spirit to enter the realm of the everlasting."



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